There are a lot of different gambling games in online casinos around the world. One of the popular ones is online roulette. It has many types, so it can take a lot of time for users to learn them independently. But it is worth sticking to different types of online roulette. For this purpose, many reviews of all online roulette on the Internet exist. Thanks to these reviews, users can quickly understand and choose the best. We advise studying reviews only from popular and independent sites.

Online rulette

How to Play Roulette

The rules of play online roulette are pretty simple. But it is very appreciated by players not only for the simple rules. But also because it has straightforward rules. The roulette game's essence is that a unique drum rotates a small ball. There is another field with all the same cells as in the drum. And players have to guess and bet on the category of numbers but which they think the ball will stop. Players can bet on the following categories of numbers:

  • one, two, or four numbers;
  • even or odd numbers;
  • red or black;
  • zero;
  • a bar or column of numbers.

Each user can bet on more than just one category of numbers. In most types of roulette, there are no limits on the number of bets. But whether it will be profitable to make a lot of bets at a time is up to users to decide. 

One round of roulette online game takes no more than three or five minutes. Therefore, everyone can quickly win a good amount of money. Virtually nothing in return. It is also worth noting that using special chips instead of money in the roulette game. But they can then be exchanged for real money.

Payouts at Roulette

RTP, Odds and Payouts at Roulette

The odds in the online casino roulette are pretty high. Therefore, each user can win a good amount of real money. But it's worth remembering that roulette odds depend on the category of numbers you're betting on. After all, the smaller the chance that the ball will stop at your category of numbers, the higher the odds.

Therefore, this game provides an excellent opportunity to earn real money. Otherwise, you can lose your money. Also, to increase the game's profitability, some experienced players always make a small bet on the zero. After all, although the chances of winning this bet are small, they still exist. 

Best Online Roulette Bonus Offers in the US

Players can get various bonus offers when playing roulette in the United States. But the most lucrative ones are only at the best online roulette casino. With such bonus offers, players can get a lot of valuable benefits. For example, in some bonus offers, users can get the opportunity to make free bets. And in doing so, everyone will be able to win real money. Also, some bonuses may have a risk-free day feature. 

If a player loses, they can get back the total amount bet. These bonuses are beneficial for all types of players. After all, they will allow you to enjoy the gameplay without worrying about the money on your balance. There are also other types of bonuses in online roulette. 

But we have listed for you the most popular of them. After all, these bonuses are the most useful among others. But there are also those through which users can increase the amount of money won several times. And withdraw them in any way convenient for themselves. 

The Different Types of Roulette

Online roulette has many kinds. But in most cases, their rules do not differ from the classical version of roulette. But despite this, there are different modifications in different types of roulette. These modifications can make the gameplay both more accessible and more complicated. The most popular types of roulette in online casinos are the following:

  • Classical roulette;
  • European roulette;
  • French roulette;
  • American Roulette.

It's also worth remembering that not all types of top online roulette casinos are found in online casinos. After all, if some of them are more suitable for the game in the casino, the other types are more convenient to play with family or friends. 

One of these is French roulette. Its rules are no different from the classic roulette. But players do not lose the whole amount set, but only half if they lose. This is an excellent type of roulette to learn how to play. Also, in different roulettes, different chips and their denominations are used.

Types of Roulette


Online roulette players, sooner or later, have various questions. We have selected the most popular and frequently asked of them. Thanks to our answers to these questions, users can quickly start playing. And he will not need to contact the player's support service.

How much real money can I win at online roulette?

Every roulette player's win depends mainly on himself. First of all, the higher your bet, the greater your winnings.

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